Imperial Wares

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Qianlong Imperial Blue & White Dragon Saucer
乾隆 Qianlong Imperial Dragon Saucer


Guangxu Blue & White Three Friends of Winter Bowl
光緒 Guangxu Three Friends of Winter Bowl

A White Glazed Yongzheng Wine Cup
雍正 Yongzheng Wine Cup

A pair of mark & period Guangxu bowls covered in a deep tone cafe au lait brown glaze
光緒 Pair of Guangxu Cafe au Lait Bowls


Kangxi blue & white bowl with water dragons marked Antique made for the Pavilion for Echoing Moral Character
康熙 Kangxi Water Dragon Bowl

Kangxi blue & white bowl painted on the exterior with a panoramic scene depicting cranes in a lotus pond marked Xing Lin Chun Yan, translated as Spring Banquet in the Apricot Forest
康熙 Kangxi Palace Bowl

光緒 Guangxu Blue Mallet Vase

A Mark and Period 乾隆 Qianlong Copper Red Saucer Dish
乾隆 Qianlong Copper Red Dish


A Very Rare Pair of Qianlong Blue Celadon Ribbed Begonia Vases
乾隆 Qianlong Ribbed Begonia Vases

A Large Mark and Period Guangxu Red Enameled Saucer Dish
光緒 Guangxu Red Enameled Dish

A Guangxu Saucer with iron red bat decor
光緒 Guangxu Bat Saucer


A Small Guangxu Green and Yellow Dragon Bowl
光緒 Guangxu Dragon Bowl


A fine mark & period small 乾隆 Qianlong copper red saucer
乾隆Small Qianlong Copper Red Saucer

Kangxi Blue & White Small Dragon Flask Marked Shi Jin Tang Zhi, Made for the Hall of Worldly Elegance
康熙 Kangxi Small Dragon Flask

Kangxi lemon yellow baluster vase decorated with three Imperial five clawed dragons
康熙 Kangxi Lemon Yellow Baluster Vase

Zhengde mark & period saucer dish covered in a deep blue glaze with applied carved dragons reserved in white biscuit
正德 Zhengde Blue Saucer with Biscuit Decoration